Diamonds Are Forever by Ian Fleming

Diamonds Are Forever - book cover

‘Mister. Nothing is forever. Only death is permanent.’

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Paid off and so nearly recruited

Best Thriller -  Diamonds Are Forever 3

He got away with it. The only concern it seems was the safe arrival in America of the diamonds. Transit arrangements were simple - Bond was under the watchful eye of the delightful Tiffany Case every step of the way. What surprises him is to find Felix Leister working for Pinkertons, the famous detective agency, on the trail of the same ‘mobsters’.  It’s time for James to be brought up to speed about the activities of organised crime ‘US’ style.

Best Thriller -  Diamonds Are Forever 4

This mob show no mercy to anyone who doesn't follow orders and you can add horse racing scams to their list of 'business' interests. All of which sees the payoff Bond is due, as successful diamond courier, thrown into disarray. Now his money will have to be laundered through one of the casinos they own. The instructions are very specific, down to the card game, the table and the time of day. Oh, and that is the only gambling Bond is expected and permitted to undertake. So he too is under orders –  maybe getting just one step closer to the kingpins of the organisation.