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crime thriller author Fergus McNeill Biography
Browse CUT OUT
CUT OUT - Fergus McNeill
Imitation is not necessarily just the most sincere form of flattery
crime thriller author John Connolly Biography
Browse Night Music
Night Music - John Connolly
The imagination of Edgar Allan Poe with a generous dash of Irish blarney
crime thriller author Joseph Wambaugh Biography
Browse Harbour Nocturne
Harbour Nocturne - Joseph Wambaugh
A simple tale of everyday police work in Los Angeles: death, sex, drugs, girls and a lizard.
crime thriller author Olen Steinhausen Biography
Browse An American Spy
An American Spy - Olen Steinhausen
First get through the ‘Set-up’, then follow the ‘Play’ and, finally, enjoy the confusion that in the end makes perfect sense.
crime thriller author Stephen Leather Biography
Browse First Response
First Response - Stephen Leather
Concerted attack by Suicide bombers.
London is under siege
First response...Second response...right up to Ninth response.
crime thriller author Gunnar Staalesen Biography
Browse Cold Hearts
Cold Hearts - Gunnar Staalesen
Tough detective Varg Veum will get to the bottom of it all.
crime thriller author Julia Keller Biography
Browse A Killing in the Hills
A Killing in the Hills - Julia Keller
Go back to the place you know, do good, stay out of trouble. Not easy for this lawyer.
crime thriller author Deon Meyer Biography
ICARUS - Deon Meyer
All pleasure. No stress.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
crime thriller author Attica Locke Biography
Browse Black Water Rising
Black Water Rising - Attica Locke
A woman's cry of anguish in the night cuts short any thought Jay Porter had of a relaxing evening.
crime thriller author Jeffery Deaver Biography
Browse The October List
The October List - Jeffery Deaver
Intrigue from the start…a puzzle inside an enigma.
How could that be an end to a story?
Trust Jeffery Deaver – it is!
crime thriller author Fuminori Nakamura Biography
Browse The Thief
The Thief - Fuminori Nakamura
A pickpocket’s life is laid bare…
…he might find his life is not his own.
crime thriller author Jeffery Deaver Biography
Browse Garden of Beasts
Garden of Beasts - Jeffery Deaver

Evil must be stopped.
crime thriller author Ian Fleming Biography
Browse Thunderball
Thunderball - Ian Fleming
Ernst Blofeld does Bond a good turn. What will 007 do in return?
crime thriller author Duane Swierczynski Biography
Browse Fun & Games
Fun & Games - Duane Swierczynski
House sitting doesn’t get any more dangerous than this!
crime thriller author Imogen Robertson Biography
Browse Instruments of Darkness
Instruments of Darkness - Imogen Robertson
A family ring and a body threaten to put a noose round a soldier's neck.
crime thriller author Barbara Nadel Biography
Browse Deadly Web
Deadly Web - Barbara Nadel
Games of sex and death have terrifying consequences…
crime thriller author Liam McIlvanney Biography
Browse All the Colours of the Town
All the Colours of the Town - Liam McIlvanney
An old photograph of an ambitious man hints at an unsavoury history.
crime thriller author Ian Fleming Biography
Browse Diamonds Are Forever
Diamonds Are Forever - Ian Fleming
‘Mister. Nothing is forever. Only death is permanent.’
crime thriller author Noah Hawley Biography
Browse A Conspiracy of Tall Men
A Conspiracy of Tall Men - Noah Hawley
Deaths, bombings, strange events… add the FBI, CIA, three ‘kooks’ and a bunch of ‘survivalists’. Conspiracy and paranoia a definite possibility.
crime thriller author Catriona McPherson Biography
Dandy Gilver & A DEADLY MEASURE of BRIMSTONE - Catriona McPherson
'Mrs Marple' brings her family with her for a cure at the Hydro.