Diamonds Are Forever by Ian Fleming

Diamonds Are Forever - book cover

‘Mister. Nothing is forever. Only death is permanent.’

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Delicate dentistry

Best Mystery -  Diamonds Are Forever 1

Diamonds are small and valuable – tempting for the miners to liberate one or two on their own account. That’s why security at the mines is high; detection is pretty much assured. But more than miners are employed on-site. One way of smuggling diamonds out – go visit the dentist and let him collect the illicit stones. He’s a trusted employee. He is also the first stage in a pipeline that takes them out of the country, turns them into valuable merchandise and distributes them into the market place.

Best Mystery -  Diamonds Are Forever 2

It has all become far too professional and too much is going astray. The question is how is the pipeline organised. So far there are only suspicions but now one of the couriers has been intercepted. James Bond is the man to carry off an impersonation and gather all-important intelligence to close the operation down. This will be no walk in the park, no ordinary mission for a ‘double O’. Has Bond got the balls for it? Seems so. Eighteen Dunlop D65 golf balls to be precise.