Diamonds Are Forever by Ian Fleming


Diamonds Are Forever - book cover James Bond meets a London Jeweller who deals in diamonds – it’s a special excursion that Customs have arranged for him. They know that diamond smuggling on a commercial scale is being carried on and they think this man might have something to do with it. All they have to show so far though is one of the couriers who is supposed to pickup in London and deliver to America. Bond is just the man to track down the pipeline that so efficiently feeds the illicit goods into the marketplace.

Even so, ‘M’ has reservations about putting 007 at risk and at the mercy of ruthless mobsters in the USA – the notorious Shady Tree and Sereffino Spang - who leave nothing to chance. Tiffany Case is who they have chosen to chaperone Bond as he sets out to impersonate their courier. Glamorous and, as Bond discovers when he meets up with Max Leiter from the ‘old days’, she ought to be freed from a hidden past. In the meantime, diamonds, fast fillies and a serious gamble all figure before Bond takes in the thrills and spills of the Wild West.