Diamonds Are Forever by Ian Fleming

Diamonds Are Forever - book cover

‘Mister. Nothing is forever. Only death is permanent.’

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End of the line

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Who is the dealer with the refined sleight of hand that will deliver the money to James Bond? Enter Tiffany Case, who, when she is not flying the Atlantic, is kept close to Seraffino Spang and his gambling empire. She plays her part, James gets the money he’s due but won’t let it rest at that. Underneath the edgy exterior this woman has a history that makes her a ‘damsel in distress’. Time for 007 to see what the opposition are made of and make something happen.  

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It’s a gamble that pays off but there is a price to pay. No-one ignores orders if they work for Mr Spang and Bond is a marked man. He’s tailed and someone wants him terminated. Little chance of that, as they find out soon enough. Then it is time to hide in plain sight, next to a hundred other cars at a drive-in cinema. Has he done enough to flush out the Mr Big…and will he meet up with Tiffany Case again?

What will it take for James Bond to find the other end of the diamond pipeline, derail the whole smuggling operation and come out alive?