An American Spy by Olen Steinhausen


An American Spy - book cover What was Milo Weaver to do? If his time as a Tourist has taught him anything it is that nothing and no-one can be trusted – even within the CIA itself. Now he’s being dragged into the disappearance of Alan Drummond, erstwhile ex-head of the group that called themselves the Tourists and who had complete licence in their operations. Dennis Chaudhray of Homeland Security wants his help to track down the missing man, and he is not alone in that.

On the other side of the divide was Xin Zhu, part of China’s Intelligence operation. A man who had had a score to settle and who was now, in turn, a target for revenge; both by the forces of the USA and the Chinese.

Two opposing agencies vying for supremacy in the shady game of espionage. Two forces whose actions stir Intelligence agencies across continents. Alexandra Primatov has a particular reason to become involved. So too does Leticia Jones, eager to undermine the other side without them ever finding out. All of which ends up with a puzzle for Yang Quing-Nian, a respected and very old hand in China’s battle with the world.