An Agent of Deceit by Chris Morgan Jones


An Agent of Deceit - book cover The dismantling of the State’s apparatus in Russia opened opportunities for some to make private fortunes from the country’s hidden wealth – valuable resources that could be found beneath the soil. Konstantin Malin was one such man. A well positioned insider with opportunity, he has the appetite to gather in millions and the means to protect his personal wealth. Farringdon Holdings was the company set-up to manage his assets, registered in Ireland and run exactly as Malin directs by Richard Lock, a lawyer. Not always above board and strictly legal – too tempting, too easy and too many gullible and greedy fools out there in the goldrush of corporate Russia’s frontier’s land. ‘Caveat emptor’- Buyer beware.

Only this time the fool is no ordinary fool. Aristotle Tourna can stand the loss of fifty million; it’s not exactly petty cash but it isn’t going to break him. What he can’t stand is the corporate sleight of hand that left him with having bought an empty shell of a company. Now it was going to cost Malin. He would show him how the Greeks dealt with such difficulties. He was going to uncover all there was to find and then break this Russian who had swindled him. The man to do this for him is Benedict ‘Ben’ Webster – ex-journalist, corporate investigator and a man who already had an axe to grind so far as corruption and Russian interests were concerned.

Let battle commence and leave only the strongest standing at the end.