Thunderball by Ian Fleming

Thunderball - book cover

Ernst Blofeld does Bond a good turn. What will 007 do in return?


James Bond's story
- “It just occurred to me that life’s too short. Plenty of time to watch the calories when one goes to heaven.”

“My name’s Bond, James Bond. I’m the world’s authority on giving up smoking. I do it constantly. You’re lucky I happen to be handy.”

“…but just for the record, you’re beautiful, sexy, provocative, independent, self-willed, quick-tempered, and cruel.”

“Well, so long. Tell Mother I died game!”

Domino's story
- “Thanks for the drink. I’m afraid I can’t take you back. I’m going the other way. They’ll get you a taxi here.”

M's story
- “We’ve got to push them as close to the use of No 1 bomb as we dare in the hope that something will betray them…”

Felix Leiter's story
- “Hell I thought the Russians had landed! And then they tell me the score and to pack my bathing trunks and my spade and bucket and come on down to Nassau. So of course I griped like hell.”

Emilio Largo's story
- “But you are hunting me, my dear fellow. You are pursuing me. What is this? Vendetta?”

Ernst Blofeld's story
- “Members will be aware that I desire, and most strongly recommend, that SPECTRE shall conduct itself in a superior fashion. There is no discipline in SPECTRE except self-discipline.”