Instruments of Darkness by Imogen Robertson


Instruments of Darkness - book cover Harriet Westerman found herself lady of Caveley Park - an estate bordering that of the powerful Thornleigh family – but even in 16thC England she was never going to be a lady of leisure.  Her husband far away, sailing the seven seas, she took it upon herself to get involved in solving the unwelcome puzzle of a death on her estate. So the newcomer to Hartswood in Sussex reaches out to Gabriel Crowther, a respected and accomplished scientist of the times and familiar with dissecting death. They embark on an investigation that lays bare the ordered arrangements around them.

Hugh Thornleigh, second son to the Earl of Sussex, is assisted by his companion, Wickstead, in stewardship of the estate.  His father’s life is fading and Hugh, returned from his soldiering life in America, also bears the burdens of his father’s new wife and the loss of his own mother. The Earl’s eldest son left the family years ago; now the fate of the family’s wealth and power is at risk. Dangerous times for all those whose knowledge would best be buried alongside them.