All the Colours of the Town by Liam McIlvanney


All the Colours of the Town - book cover Suddenly the Glasgow newspaper business had become aggressive; Rix has been brought in to the Tribune as Editor to do what is needed to save the circulation. Gerry Conway, time served and well connected reporter, is handed a photo that puts Peter Lyons, Minister of Justice, among dubious company in Belfast. Despite misgivings, this is a story to follow up. His leads point him to the New Covenanters, a Scottish group who provided support for Ulster’s Protestant organisations.

As he dredges through a violent past, Isaac Hepburn, one time UVF Commander who served seventeen years in Long Kesh, offers help at a price. But Gerry Conway discovers that neither stories or information is in short supply and a violent past can still lead to a violent present. There are scores to settle and a reporter’s instinct is sometimes not enough.