The Quest for Anna Klein by Thomas H Cook

The Quest for Anna Klein - book cover

The question was never whether she would live or die, for that had been decided long ago.

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In France

Best Thriller -  The Quest for Anna Klein 3

Paris is a beautiful city and, even though they didn’t share a bedroom, Danforth and Anna spent time together sight-seeing. Taking in the delights of the Gardens, of walks along the Seine and the splendour of Sacre Couer. The plan for the ‘Project’, when it started, was simple. Use the aftermath of the Spanish Civil war to help protect France from any German ambitions.

Best Thriller -  The Quest for Anna Klein 4

Soldiers who had fled Spain were held in transit camps in South West France, near the mountains through which many had made their escape. How many? Enough to make a real army again; nearly two hundred and fifty thousand. The first task was to check out the camps where they were held. Little problem there with security. Problems elsewhere though. A trip to London and a murder in Paris raise questions about loyalty, betrayal and revenge. And warnings by a French politician, about the dangers gathering in Europe, force Anna to see the ‘Project’ in a new light.