Thunderball by Ian Fleming

Thunderball - book cover

Ernst Blofeld does Bond a good turn. What will 007 do in return?

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Bombs away!

Best Thriller -  Thunderball 3

Ernst Blofeld is up to no good again. He has brought together a motley group, criminals all. They have done well from his schemes and he has his own way of keeping them in order. Harsh, direct and it works. Now it’s time to move SPECTRE into the top league and stop playing for pennies. Literally – the one hundred million pounds of gold bullion will take five transport planes to airlift.

Best Thriller -  Thunderball 4

That’s the ransom the Government will be invited to pay for the return of two nuclear bombs that have been hijacked. Impossible task – not if you are Ernst Blomfeld and have recruited the scientist and the pilot you need for the job. Keeping the stolen weapons under cover – best place is underwater, hidden from prying eyes but still accessible. The pilot did what he was told. Dealt with the crew, flew the plane, avoided detection and, eventually, landed on water. Soon, he’d see the point.