Thunderball by Ian Fleming

Thunderball - book cover

Ernst Blofeld does Bond a good turn. What will 007 do in return?

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Get fit…

Best Mystery -  Thunderball 1

Had all the late nights, gambling, cigarettes and drinking caught up with James Bond?  His latest medical report left much to be desired. Bond was told to join the ‘fruit and nut’ brigade. This had to be the last thing he wanted to hear on a Monday morning. ‘M’ was into healthy living and exercise and this wasn’t a request; it was an order. 007 was booked into Shrublands – a health farm!

Best Mystery -  Thunderball 2

Bond found beauty and trouble there in equal measure. Anyone who drives a violet car and ‘weekends’ in Bournemouth needs to give some serious thought to the image this sends out to the world. However this man had a sign of the Red Lightning tong tattooed on his wrist. He was no lightweight interloper, Count Lippe was trouble.  Bond had a point to make after the treatment he received in Traction. The Count had stretched things past the point of no return. You could say Bond was all steamed up about it. Actually it was his adversary who in the end was ‘all steamed up’. And that cost him his life, too.