The Revisionists by Thomas Mullen

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Here today, gone tomorrow or is it the other way round?

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Find the truth and face the consequences

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Tasha Wilson has made her way, up, up and away from the family’s background. She had a brother who went to fight for his country and came back dead. She has a lawyers nose for trouble and she has a sense that there is more than meets the eye to what she is told happened to him. His entries in his blog stopped several days before he died, as did his emails.

That same sense has her concerned about one of her corporate clients as damning emails confirm that delivery of key defence equipment was delayed until a window of improved profitability was open. An Event she chose to manage by leaking the details to those who might be able to stop the abuse of process and the risk to soldiers’ lives.

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Of course it gets picked up. Of course she finds herself in trouble and also in the company of TJ, an avid revolutionary – which could be exactly what someone wants of her. Leo is on her case, with all the certainty he had been denied in Jakarta. Troy found her too and that was well before any leak occurred anywhere, although he had to change his cover story. Not appropriate, with her, for him to be posing as a Washington Defence analyst, and there are others from the real Troy Jones’s past who complicate his assignment. Maybe that identity was too close a match. In the midst of all this Troy has to stop the ‘hags’ and be alert for anyone else in the present who threatens the stability of the ‘Perfect Present’. Or his future.