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Deadly Web by Barbara Nadel

"The delight of the Nadel book is the sense of being taken beneath the surface of an ancient city … We look into the alleyways and curious dark quarters of Istanbul, full of complex characters and louche atmosphere."

"offers the heady brew we have come to expect from Nadel: bizarre sexuality, witchcraft, a room covered in blood, death in ancient places. This is all made credible as Ikmen moves through both the Istanbul of traditional beliefs and the modern city of cyber-junkies and kids in Goth fashions."
Deadly Web
Barbara Nadel

Mehmet Suleyman was in a bad way. It wasn’t his wife who had given him a sexually transmitted disease. But, by leaving with their child, she made sure she wasn’t going to be infected. That certainly wasn’t something Mehmet was going to shout from the rooftops. His life, though, had to go on, which made him a target – both Cicek and Gonca thought the absence of his wife made him available. Of the two, Gonca would stand most chance of getting close to him. Why? Because her powers of clairvoyance and knowledge of the esoteric would help him.

In a clearing below Yoros Castle – built by the Byzantines on a site where in ancient times Zeus had been worshiped – the death of a young girl bore similarities to an earlier suicide.  Magic and Goths were a bizarre, even unbelievable, conjunction. However, Cetin Ikmen’s friendship with Max Esterhazy, an expert in the Kabala, helped clear the way for the police investigation. The Goat of Mendes might be the Devil in disguise but Mendes has more than one guise. A rich boy has too many hi-tech toys, though not enough to stop another death. Or to banish ghosts from Mehmet’s past.

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