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All the Colours of the Town by Liam McIlvanney

"McIlvanney has flair and assurance and executes a powerful tale with all the dextrous sensitivity and ballsy swagger the subject is due."

"All the colours of the town is dark fiction, plumbing the abysmal depths of human behaviour in a scorching crime-mystery tale."
All the Colours of the Town
Liam McIlvanney

Suddenly the Glasgow newspaper business had become aggressive; Rix has been brought in to the Tribune as Editor to do what is needed to save the circulation. Gerry Conway, time served and well connected reporter, is handed a photo that puts Peter Lyons, Minister of Justice, among dubious company in Belfast. Despite misgivings, this is a story to follow up. His leads point him to the New Covenanters, a Scottish group who provided support for Ulster’s Protestant organisations.

As he dredges through a violent past, Isaac Hepburn, one time UVF Commander who served seventeen years in Long Kesh, offers help at a price. But Gerry Conway discovers that neither stories or information is in short supply and a violent past can still lead to a violent present. There are scores to settle and a reporter’s instinct is sometimes not enough.

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